Women entrepreneurs

A silent revolution is taking place among women now. In the 1970s a revolution took place when women started leaving home and enter the workforce. But now, women are leaving the workforce and entering home. Unlike previous generations, however, these women have started an entrepreneur movement, at home.

Over the last 20 years, women have been starting up more businesses than men. They are creating lot of home-based small businesses. By 2018, women are expected to be creating more than 5 million new small business jobs. During the periods of recession, these women entrepreneurs have managed to keep the cost of businesses down by relying on social media for their marketing. Their ability to fight in the time of recession has made them more confident and ambitious. Women are reshaping the working landscape.think11

Here are some of the leading women entrepreneurs who are making news this year. Sophia Amoruso is the founder of Nasty Gal, an online clothing retailer. The style of her clothing line is very modern. It is one of the iconic brands mentioned by Forbes. Her startup company is now a huge empire. Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna are founders of Birchbox. The company started in 2010 and began subscription-based ecommerce market. This company gives monthly deliveries of personalized samples, original editorial content and ecommerce platform for both web and mobile. Erica Nicole is the CEO and founder of YFS Magazine. YFS stands for Young, Fabulous and Self-Employed. This is one of the most powerful news sites on the web. The rich content is its strength. Alexa von Tobel is the founder and CEO of Learn Vest. She started Learn Vest after dropping out of Harvard Business School. She wanted to bring financial planning to the mass population. She has a very unique leadership style. Her platform has been featured in Wall Street Journal as well. She has a very strong vision and the willingness to take risk and this is what has made her so successful.