Wedding invitation template free

ima 11Are you preparing to have a wedding and finding trouble on how to come up with the best wedding invitation? Here is some information that will help.

Define you wedding style

The invitation card is the first peek of how your wedding will look. This is why you need to have the bets design to create that good impression when the invited guest receive the invitation card. You probably by know the kind of wedding you want. Is it classic and elegant or glam and modern. Before you start to shop for the card stationary you should already have settled with your spouse on which kind of wedding you will have.

Know your colors

The color of choice should match the wedding theme. You may also choose to incorporate different colors and incorporate them into various wedding paper such as ceremony program, menu and escort cards. You can also choose to brighten the card with a metallic font, envelopes, and liners.

Play with size and shapes

There are various shapes to make the wedding cards. The most popular are the rectangle shape. You can try to go unique by making your cards in a circular shape, scalloped or just square. However keep in mind that the postage cost depends on the weight of the card.

Ensure the cards are legible

As you choose a mix of color and pattern don’t forget about the basic and that is keeping the card information legible. Try and avoid light ink if the background is bright. The background and the typed font should be very distinct to ensure legibility.

The font type should also be easy to read for everyone, the old and the young included.

Choose the wording carefully

The wording of the invitation card is one of the fundamental that should never be sacrificed. You may go unique but ensure that whatever you right does not distort the message or the intention of a wedding card.

Don’t crowd the cards

As you choose the wording you should ensure that the test is spaced. This is why it’s good to be direct to the point. The header, body, RSVP and direction should follow the right format.

Start early

Wedding preparation especially when you have busy schedule jobs can be hectic. Most people procrastinate on cards until it’s too late to come up with the right cards. Just like anything else you should have ample time to select the right wedding invitation template free, have it shipped , edited and sent to the expected guest in time.