The History of Air Conditioning

As summer comes near, many people will turn on their air conditioner to remain cool. This product is the result of a century’s engineering development in the cooling system. Air conditioner is one of the 10 greatest inventions of the 20th century.Air 11

The concept of air cooling was first thought by Benjamin Franklin in 1758 when he experimented with evaporation and alcohol to get freezing temperatures. Willis Haviland Carrier invented the first air conditioner in 1902. He was a skilled engineer who experimented with laws of humidity control. He then came up with the mechanical refrigeration concept. According to Carrier, air was sent through coils that are filled with cold water. The air gets cooled there and the moisture is removed to the control room humidity.

In 1933, the Carrier Air Conditioning Company developed an air conditioner which used a belt-driven condensing unit, evaporator coil, and mechanical controls. Today’s air conditioners operate on the same principle as Carrier’s 1933 air conditioner. It now has more advanced vapor compression system, electronic sensors, controls and are more energy efficient. The U.S Department of Energy has set some standards regarding energy efficiency. This has led to the improvement of air conditioning systems. Manufacturers are using more energy efficient ways to manufacturing modern air conditioners. The new ComfortLink thermostat lets customers adjust their home temperature using their web-enabled cell phones from remote locations. With this system you can have e-mail alerts on when to have your filter replaced or have professionals inspect your machine.

Manufacturers are now developing more sophisticated microprocessor based control kits that make the air flow system and the compressor operation automatic. Innovation has brought everything to people’s hands. It has also reduced energy consumption. The next step would be to interface systems with the national electric grid so that units can be regulated depending on the location and weather condition. This will further reduce energy consumption.

Now, more than 80% of Americans have air conditioners in their home. Most of these are central air conditioning systems. Now air conditioner is no more a luxury; it has become a necessity. This has improved the quality of people’s life. Air conditioner has now changed the architecture of buildings. Many buildings are now windowless. Air conditioning service Portland, Oregon supports the people of that region by providing jobs, at the same time a comfortable way of living life. Air conditioner has also improved economy of many warmer regions where a number of such companies have developed, providing work for local people.