San Diego California catalog design exper

image-11How does one make a brochure effective? If you are designing a catalogue to drum up sales or to announce the arrival of now product or service, then you are probably wondering what you will do to ensure a good response.

Brochure come with a cost and every San Diego California catalog design expert will admit that. However, the cost is not the only thin to worry about. Every piece of literature that you end out represent your company. Leave the wrong impression, and you stand to risk losing sales and alienating customers. So what can you do to make a flier winner?

Understand your customers

Before you set out making a brochure, you need to understand who you target. Why would they want to buy the product? What will the product do for them? If you know answers to such questions, then go ahead and make your brochure. If not, then it is better to ask.

Plan your catalogue in AIDA

AIDA is an acronym standing for attention, interest, desire and action. To be efficient, your brochure need to get people’s attention, get the prospect client interested enough to read further, raise their desire to buy the product and get them to take a purchase action.

Do not put a picture of your building at the cover of the catalogue

You might be proud of the way your company has grown. Nevertheless, your customer does not care how big your building is or how the business has grown. The only thing that they are concerned of is whether or not your product meets their needs. Therefore, do not waste time and resources on such images, use something that will bring more sales.

Sell, do not tell

Customers and prospect are not very interested in neither your company nor the products. They care about themselves or their own business. To get their attention, your catalogue needs to focus on the benefits they get to enjoy if they purchase a product from you.

Take for example how many people buy smartphone because they want to carry a phone around? No one, however, they need to stay connected with other people and for selling the latest device you need to tell them how they will achieve staying more connected.

Use headlines and graphic the audience care about

An average reader takes second to decide whether to read or not to read. If your graphic or headline is not catchy, then they pass.