Original perfumes for women in Vilnius

Some products are a cinch to buy either online or from the local store. For example, the coffee beans you have used since college days, toilet paper, toothpaste etc. However, fragrance remains to be elusive especially when you decide to try out something new for a change.

If you are shopping online you will most likely rely on the product description. From the description you can get the quality of the smell and how it will work on your emotions as well as those who you work closely with. However, product description gets used confused , for example, you come across something like “sparkling floral bouquet” you start to wonder exactly how it smells in actual scent.

If you live in Lithuania or happen to be a tourist the country you can get original perfumes for women in Vilniusoriginal perfumes for women in Vilnius. Original perfumes come at a high price. When purchasing such expensive items you need to be sure that you do not end up with a fake. The below tips ensure positive results.

imag-8Know the seller

If you buy cologne from a reputable seller you eliminate chances of buying a fake. Department stores are some of the best places to buy perfume as you get a chance to experiment their smell. When buying online check the customer reviews and ensure the return policy is favourable.

Pay attention to the price

Too good to be true deals, avoid them. There are exceptions e.g. when the store is trying to clear before closing down or to give space for restocking. The price is one good indication of authenticity.

Research the perfume in prior

If you choose a certain perfume, check the manufacturer website and see if they provide information about the packaging, bottle and bar codes. You might want to see how the bottle and the cellophane wrap is done before ordering.

Smell the difference

The smell of a perfume is complex but not impossible if you concentrate. Using smell to check authenticity is difficult not uncles you check how long it last.

Know the layers

Most original perfumes have layers of scent that reveal themselves at different time intervals. These layers include top, middle and base notes. These multidimensional of scent allow the smell to change from initial application to when it react with the skin chemistry. Fake perfume last for a short time and lack all the three layers of scent.