Miche is one handbag line that continue to produce high quality handbags .This can be proved by their rating and customer base they have created all over the world. Their products are available throuMICHE 11ghout various representatives located in America t as well as other channels such as Miche parties and personal websites for online sales. The company avail different various sizes of mice bags which I shall discuss below.

Handbag size importance

The size of handbag need to be proportional with the person body type. For example, a short and petite lady will appear taller when they carry small handbags. On the other hand, tall and slim women ought to look larger when they do small handbag.The handbag to be proportional to the person body.

Short women will appear taller when they carry long and rectangular handbags with their tall and slim counterparts doing well with round handbags. The length of the armband is also crucial. For example, a short handbags will make the bust appear a bit larger, and this is not okay if you don’t want attention. Most women match with handbags that hand to their mid-torso. To check on how you appear with the handbag of your choice consider the above advice and check the look in the store mirror before making the final decision.

Handbags can be broadly be categorized into shoulder bags;

Shoulder bags

They are quite large and are mainly use to hold cosmetics, notepad, cell phone, etc. They are have one compartment and designed to wear over the shoulder.


It’s a type of handbag which lacks handles.it can be carried by hand or tucked under the arm. It’s relatively smaller in size and made to reserve items such as driver license, lipstick and keys.

Handheld bag

They featured with a small handle but not intended to be sling over the shoulder. They are smaller compared to shoulder bag but fairly larger than a clutch.

Tote bag

They are made from canvas and have an open top with a single compartment. They are big in size and can be slung over the shoulder.They are suitable for shopping and beach activities.