Marriage certificate translation

Therim 11e are several reasons why people seek for marriage certificate translation from their foreign language to English. If you are in Australia and had a ,marriage certificate In foreign the following reason will demand translation from an accredited NAATI translator.


One is if you are seeking a divorce. The court needs an official translation of your original marriage certificate as proof that you were married. This is only necessary if it’s written in a foreign language.

When getting married overseas

First of all, you need to be aware of the laws regarding marriage from that country. If you have decided which country you will get married, it’s recommended to discuss the legislation of that country with a consular officer. The oversea will provide a certificate which will later need to be translated into English once back to Australia.

When going through citizenship application

If you are an immigrant, the officials need to verify your marriage status. If you indicate that you are marriage, then you have to provide a proof which can only be done with a marriage certificate. If you form a foreign country, you need the certificate translated into English for the official to read and verify the information.

Other reason when your marriage certificate need translation includes when registering an overseas marriage, when lodging for a visa etc..

Family court affidavit

This can also be done only by an NAATI translator who holds ample experience in marriage certificate translation. All you need is to upload it into your choice of translating agency, and the translating will be done within three business days.

How to get the document translated

You need to upload the document be it a jpg, scanned document or PDF. Get the quote, pay the charge and get the document translated. When done they will send it back through the email along other certification that the translation was done by a NAATI accredited translator.

How long the translation takes

Most of the translating agencies take less than a week to translate standard documents. However, if the translated document is urgent, the client can pay extra and have the work done in a day or two.

Before you choose which agency will do the translation, it’s advisable to do some research. Read their website reviews and get a touch of what they do. If you are not satisfied by their services, there are others to choose.