Law enforcement test

ima-11Law enforcement test involves multiple exams and evaluation. The test is designed to discover the best candidate for the job. If you are confident you have what it takes to be a police officer, make an initial application to your department of interest. The application must be made when the chance open.If you have already done that, you need to prepare for the exam.

What to expect

Written exam

The exam comprises of true and false questions, multiple choice and open-ended questions on a variety of subjects.

Personal history statement

All USA citizen who is making police application need to respond to a question about their work experience, education and critical life history.

Background investigation

To ensure that the information provided by the applicant, the police department conducts a background check ensuring that the candidate is clean with no criminal history and is psychologically fit to serve as a police office.

Law enforcement essay

The exam involves a prompt which is to be responded in the best manner possible. This is in terms if the structure, grammar, etc.

Physical ability test

The candidate physical fitness is measured to determine the strength, flexibility and endurance. All these happen in the police academy, after passing written exams.

Other tests include psychological and medical examinations.

Elements of the written exam

Grammar and spelling

The question will test your grammar and spelling accuracy. The sentences need to be clear and complete.

Observation and retention

Photographs, maps and other visual are presented. One need to answer a question about he or she saw. The skill requires concentration to details and excellent visual direction.


Basic arithmetic is tested. They are however put in ways to solve problems that will be a subject in the rest of police career.

Reading comprehension

A passage is presented. Question are asked to measure how much you remember and can relate issues in the comprehension.

Other categories of the exam includes personal history and writing incident reports.

Tips in acing the written test

Written exams make people nervous making them make mistakes. The following tips will see you such exams.

Start by reading the question carefully to ensure that you understand what is being asked. Pay attention to the question with words such as NOT and EXCEPT. In multiple choice read all the answers before choosing the correct one. From statistics, do not change the answers after moving to the nest question. If you are not sure, go to the nest question and back when comfortable.