Introductory to fabrication class

images11Humans have used jewelry for over the last 5000 years. Jewelry beautifies people, and that make the bond even stronger. Different types of jewelry exist, and different societies prefer some types to others. The common jewelry is rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, earrings and bands. Jewelry can also be classified basing on when and where they are used, for example, we have wedding jewelry, red carpet events jewelry, engagement rings and cocktail jewelry. Click here for jewelries that are unique.
There are different online retailers who specialize in a sale of high quality and affordable jewelry. Most of them offers free shipment to customers who are not very far while others charge a premium for customers living far from the supplier but offer free shipment services.

From jewelry retailers one can get handmade or machine made silver jewelry. Handmade jewelry is beautifully designed and extremely unique but quite expensive compared with machine made silver. Such silver is, however, worth the price as not only is one sure about their purity but they perfectly fit the ones need or taste.
Most of the jeweler are competent and in the UK they undergo eight-week course before certified to run crafting business. The main classes includes;

Introductory to fabrication class
Under this topic, one gets to learn on piercing, filing, soldering and piercing three projection silver.

Intermediate fabrication class

Under this class, one continues to develop skills learned from the previous class. Some of the added skills include bezel, soldering hollow forms and making round faceted stones.Three projects are made basing on the complexity of the one’s design.

It’s the third unit and helps in improving fabrication skills. It demands two other fabrication skills to have been taken in prior.

Introductory to casting class
Wax is used in training where various carving techniques and finishing techniques are taught. Three projects are later made in rings, texture piece and the last one of skill of choice.

Later internment casting classes follows which is an advanced from introductory casting. Enamel classes are categories into two just like in previous units. They include introductory and intermediate enamel cases where enamel techniques are used to fabricate jewelry.

Jewelry rendering
This unit involves designing and drawing of jewelry. During the workshop, one learn how to use orthographic projection in drawing as well as using pencil crayons and gauche in making the realistic drawing to jewelry designs.The unit is very important in giving an artistic picture of customer ideas.