Importance of eco-friendly packaging

hmd-11If environmentally friendly packaging is used, it causes less damage to the environment. There are three types of packaging that can be used. One is reusable packaging that can be cleaned and re-used. For example, glass bottles that contain milk can be reused. The second category is the recyclable packaging. It is made of materials that can be used again. These include glass, paper, metal, card, etc. Biodegradable packaging is the third category of environmentally friendly packaging. These packaging materials can be easily broken down in the soil or atmosphere. When you are using reusable materials for packaging the ‘recycle’ symbol must be added.

In the past many companies tried to catch consumer attention by fancy packaging and high profile marketing campaigns. But now they are giving preferences to eco-friendly packaging. Eco-friendly packaging not only grabs the attention of consumers. It also helps reduce the amount of packaging waste at the end of every year. If you can use eco-friendly products for packaging, you will be able to lower the volume of landfills by 50%. In the US, the government has made efforts to help prevent more than 80 tons of packaging materials from landfills. Millions of tons of waste come from paper packaging. Plastic packaging also causes millions of tons of landfills. It is thus very important to have eco-friendly packaging.

You should use less plastic in packaging. When the weight of the package is low, more products can be transported. You can use recycled materials like recycled plastic to create water bottle. Biodegradable plastics can also be used. Post-consumer recycled materials can be used. These are materials that can be recycled afterwards. You should clearly mark the package as recyclable and provide information on how to recycle it. This will help to improve the customer awareness regarding usage of eco-friendly materials.

Natural packaging is another form of eco-friendly packaging. It decomposes faster and is compostable. Coconut husks are examples of such packaging. These have low water absorption and high strength levels. Eco-friendly products can be complex. San Diego California packaging design expert emphasizes on the use of eco-friendly packaging. This kind of packaging is good looking, can be used and will enhance the brand image of the company. We all should start using eco-friendly packaging materials to reduce the amount of waste in the form of landfills. Eco-frienldy packaging material can help you make this environment a sustainable one.