Functions of an advertising agency

Have you ever wondered what functions people perform in an werbeagentur? There are many people of different backgrounds working in the advertising agency. The backbone of an advertising agency is the creative team. This team manages the overall advertising campaign for its clients. This team consists of graphic designers, audio and film production specialists, computer programmer, etc. They are responsible for copy writing, drawing photographs, making illustrations, etc. These people make advertisements more appealing. Advertisements that are attractive help boost sales. This team must continuously come up with new ideas and beat the competitors.

Magnified Brand word illustration on white background.

Magnified Brand word illustration on white background.

There is a group of researchers who assess market situations. They try to understand the customers, competitors and test the ideas developed by the creative team. There is an account manager who handles all the client transactions. They are also responsible for locating clients and acquiring them. There are media planners. Once the creative team creates advertisement, it must be placed in a proper media channel. There are different advertising costs, sizes of ads, placement of ads, etc. These must be decided by the media planners. Selecting the right media is very important. It depends on the advertising budget and the target audience. All these people work together and provide the best advertising output possible.

Deciding on the advertising budget is also the task of an advertising agency. Without proper budget, the client’s funds may get wasted. Sales promotion is also part of the job role of advertising agencies. Continuous market research is one of the major duties of the advertising firm. This is done to keep up with the competition. Some other functions of advertising firms include fixing the prices of the products; deciding on product discounts; designing the product, designing package, label, etc. Advertising agencies are also responsible for the public relations work of its clients.

The number of advertising agencies is increasing day by day. Companies are becoming more and more reliable towards these agencies for their marketing jobs. The marketing team within the company is now engaged in more strategic decision making process, leaving the tactical decisions on the advertising agencies. This way the overall cost of marketing is also reduced. The team that works in the advertising firm is experts in the area of advertising. They will provide you the best solution for your business. Like these companies, you can also hand over the marketing efforts of your company to an advertising agency.