Farewell and Last minute Paln

Group of friends, all were just graduated and were out of college. It was time for all to say goodbye forever. But before we depart we all wanted to create the last best and sweet memories . They had no much time but all wanted to escape in one of the finest place to enjoy the little time they had. As mentioned earlier friends wanted the trip very memorable from the start till the end, so first thing first, they all started to look for last minute business class tickets well, for their luck. They did get best price, with complementary meal as an offer for group booking. This excited all of them. They got the hot seat selection where they did not have to worry about kind of seat offered. They got special baggage check-in, where no one have to wait in long queue. Lounge facilities for transit lay over period. Wow, they just felt like this was complete luxury start of the trip.

Finally they decided to hang around in Bangkok. Place where a group can be lost in blue beaches. All the exotic places filled in its simple rich culture of Thailand. Touch of Buddhism everywhere .They all had their best of best time. Hot and spicy sea food and the variety of food which added up the joy. Everyone was sea food lovers and tried all the food possible. It was fun every step. Night life was simply awesome. Twenty four hour resort and restaurant are available which will be fantastic. Group of friends always wanted to try crazy adventures like sky diving, sea diving which happened to get that done. Best experience was sea diving in clear blue water with all aquatic life. This was once in life time experience as the feeling can’t be expressed in word but, It to be just Experienced.

They took a long drive from airport to pattaya a city in Bangkok, the journey was smooth and calm. It just brought in excitement to all of them. It was last two days in Bangkok, they went on shopping. Shopping is the best experience, because they got all fashionable designer clothing for low coast. the prize in deed will surprise anyone. Half of the price what we see in so called designer and brands. It’s simply because most of the manufactures are from this place. Life is meant to live every movement with joy, happiness, care and love. Life is a journey and all this experience is like single chapter which adds to book of life. Escaping with loved once here was a worth the time.