Cognitive problems

law_braith 11It is a type of mental health disorder that affects learning, perception, memory and problem solving. Examples of cognitive disorders include amnesia, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, delirium, etc.

The main types of cognitive disorders are amnesia, dementia and delirium. Amnesia means impairment in memory. This can be caused by traumatic brain injuries, concussions, alcohol or drug use, etc. Dementia is a collective cognitive symptom that results from permanent impairment of cells of the brain. Dementia can be caused due to stroke, trauma, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, etc. Delirium is a temporary mental confusion that is caused due to drugs, alcohol, mental illness, etc. When someone has delirium the person becomes disoriented and confused. This is more common in elderly people.

Cognitive disorders occur after Traumatic brain injury (TBI). These can affect the executive functions of the brain also, like multitasking, problem solving, organizing, paying attention, etc. The frontal lobe of the brain controls our executive functions. These frontal lobes are located behind the skull bones of our forehead. So, there is more chance of TBI if a front-facing accident takes place.

Mild traumatic injuries are known as concussions. These are the most common type of brain injuries. These lead to temporary loss of memory. Patients need to be monitored continuously and should take cognitive rest. That is, they should be avoiding video games, watching television and doing stressful works. Some people may also develop post-concussion syndrome. These involve headaches, problems in remembering information, You must take these symptoms seriously and consult a doctor.

Cognitive disorder treatment depends on the cause of the disorder. The most common types of treatments include psychotherapy, medication, occupational therapy and speech therapy. The doctors make sure that the patient gets enough rest and healthy nutrition. The patient must avoid stressful situations.

The brain injuries just discussed are severe problems. These must be treated right away to avoid causing further damage. Most brain damages are caused by road accidents. Along with brain accidents, spine injuries are also common during car accidents. Spinal cord is also a very sensitive part of the body and if injured, may cause permanent damage. There are many insurance companies that cover such damage. You can get huge amount of compensation for this type of personal injuries. So, for brain injuries consult a brain injury solicitor and for spinal injury consult a spinal cord personal injury solicitor. Solicitors for these types of personal injury are very specialized.