The tax system in Malta. What to know about it

There is a singularity in Malta: taxes benefits businesspersons and entrepreneurs, and also investors and other individuals who are wishing and wandering for a stable economy where to make business. Although Maltese citizens have to pay income taxes like any other place, with progressive rates (till 35 %), Malta is very attractive to foreign investors.

The colonial past of this region (it was a British colony) set a start point for its tax regulatory system. Things are this way: foreign people who lives in Malta can get a special treatment if they become resident of that country. These individuals are taxable on two kinds of income only:

The first one would be the capital gains and sourced income. It is applicable if you are an employee or when you are selling imported products to Maltese citizens. The second kind is the foreign sourced income.

In addition, foreign residents in Malta do not have to pay any tax related to foreign sourced capital gains, even when they declare these incomes to a Maltese bank.

Malta tax system has other advantages. Stamp duty only have to be paid if Maltese real estate transfers are made, or in case of transfers of shares in Maltese societies.

Opportunities to businessmen and investors in Malta are fabulous. Besides a legitimated and efficient tax regulatory frame, this place offers different residence arrangements to foreign people wanting to relocate it business and changing their lifestyle.

Corporate Malta tax

The tax rate in Malta for corporations is 35 %, and the taxable incomes for enterprises which are domiciled in this country includes the global income and some capital gains.

On the other hand, societies which doesn´t have their residence in Malta have to pay taxes for any income.

Taxable profits are the ones reported in the financial statements of the society, and are adjusted then by deducting exempt incomes and by adding non-deductible expenses.

Corporate income tax is charged on these entities: Partnership, limited liability company —or any other formed as such; fellowships, societies or associations of persons, vested with legal personality or not; and groups of persons constituted, incorporated or registered outside Malta, cooperative societies duly registered as such in Malta.

Either way, Malta is a known as a tax haven, a not very fortunate expression because it suggests that those countries where tax laws are stronger are some kind of hell.


Farewell and Last minute Paln

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Indian Travel Bloggers

Many bloggers from India have made traveling their passion and writing about them an essential part of it. Travelling is much about, discovering places, meeting people, getting some new experience and even learning about new things. When you are out the safe boundaries of our home, things seem to change, and you always face with, adventures, obstacles, and mistakes. A traveler is the one who lives the experiences, conquers the obstacles and learns from the mistakes and get to the destination. For the air of fulfillment, that is not known by the destination but by discovery. Here is the journey and life of some Indian travel bloggers.Alok-Mittal 11

Sharell Cook started her journey when she visited India in 2000, and she was back again in 2002, and then in 2005 to do some community work in Kolkata. She fell in love with an Indian guy and eventually married him. She got a job from a friend in Varkala, Kerala for a period what made her decision to quit her job in Australia and move to India permanently. Since 2008, She has lived in Mumbai So far, and she has visited various states in India, although there will always be many more remarkable destinations remaining. After spending ample time traveling in the region of India, she was inspired by travel and realizes that she wanted to write about India travel. From there she discovered her passion and started managing a writing content for India travel website, and she had built it up from scratch to here it is now.

Mariellen Ward is wide travels in India for over the past nine years. Though she is a Canadian by birth, Mariellen considers India to be the culture of her soul. Mariellen shares tales of travel and revolution, photos, videos, tips and advice on traveling, blogging and writing. Mariellen Ward is an expert travel writer, blogger, editor and content and social media marketing expert.

She kept a travel blog during the trip that she was taking to India, and that’s how she began her passion for travel writing, blogging and India. This blog was just a casual blog for friends and family which has developed to a professional level blog. Her passion for India travel writing and blogging started. From August 23, 2009, she follows her enjoyment and doing what she loves full time which is traveling in India, writing, studying yoga and spirituality and engaging online with compatible people.

Book your luxurious holiday in Hyderabad

Travel 2The service value you get from a travel agent is unbeatable. The works of a travel agent are no longer limited to simply booking your ticket to your chosen destination. They do much more than that. Even at the time of Internet where you can do pretty much everything by yourself with a few click of buttons, you cannot master a travel plan the way a travel agent would do for you.

Though it is true that you can find most airline ticket deals or hotel deals online, it takes a lot of time to browse the sites. Many times, bombarded with so much information, you will often end up in a loop with no real solution. Travel agents are very knowledgeable and experienced. They can give you the right information in a very short time. All you need to do is provide them with your requirement and preferences.

India is slowly picking up as one of the most preferred holiday destinations. With the diverse culture, India is a place which can offer the travellers something they have never experienced before. Many cities of India are popular for vacation and Hyderabad is one of them. This historical place has been the home of Mughals and Nizams. Hyderabad is known as the ‘city of pearls’. Earlier, this was popular place for the trade of natural pearls and big diamonds. Hyderabad has now grown to be one of the major tourist attractions of India and it earns a lot of revenue from tourism. The city is full of monuments and luxurious palaces which were homes once to the emperors. The Chowmahallah palace is the most famous one and is a place that you must visit if you are in Hyderabad.

As the tourism in Hyderabad has grown, so has the number of airlines providing direct flights from across the world. These airlines give promotional offers during festivals and other special time of the year. These are the times when you can get special deal from travel agents. Hyderabad cheap flight ticket keeps pouring from different airlines and everyone competes to get more customers. The hotels also give special discounts during festive seasons. These cheap flight tickets are offered for a limited period of time though and get booked up very fast. So, if you want the best price, you need to act fast. Call up your nearest travel agent and see what they have in stock for you!