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If you hear that someone talks about the Cheston brand you can be sure that the opinion is good because it is a brand that represents product quality and customer satisfaction. Since I purchased a Cheston heat gun in India, I decided that power tools we have in the home should be Cheston.

Any work, that you have to do at home, becomes easy if you use Cheston tools. Cheston offers a variety of power tool models geared to specific applications. That is why it has become a very famous manufacturer in the world. In addition, all tools that it produces can be bought through the Internet and in a very easy way since electronic transactions at the present time are not only very safe but also very fast.

The drill is one of the best selling products by the manufacturer Cheston but the rest of the tools are also in great demand as are the heat guns that can be used for the peeling of the paint and the welding. Many famous companies like Amazon and eBay, who are dedicated to electronic commerce, promote the tools produced by the manufacturer Cheston.

Don’t despair and do not look for prices from other manufacturers, Cheston has the lowest prices and the best tools. But you don’t have to believe me, check it out for yourself!

Hitachi dv18dgl

image 11The Hitachi dv18dgl is versatile and powerful drill tool which contains 22 different torque settings and a 2-speed variable motor. When buying this drill it comes packed with two 1.5Ah Li-ion batteries which take only 40 minutes to be fully also comes with an inbuilt light which allows it to for work in dimly lit spaces The Hitachi DV18DGL/JC is very light and compact, it weighs under 2kg. It also comes with a carry bag to ensure easy transportation and safe storage.

The entire power tool contains 2 x 2.5Ah Batteries charger and kit box.  Also, it has 2-speed gearboxes and a single 13mm sleeve chuck with spindle lock and 22 stage adjustable torque. Furthermore, it also contains a forward and reverses rotation switch an electric brake LED work light and soft rubber grip over the mound for great comfort.

The Hitachi dv18dgl is run by very powerful motor with a tightening torque of 55Nm. However, the chunk is single 13mm sleeve keyless design with a spindle lock and electric brake. It has a  Full Load Impact Rate  0-4900/min, 0-19600/min, and a   No-Load Speed: 0-350/min, 0-1400/min  after you purchase it you are given a 3 Year manufacturer warranty, but you must first register within the first  four weeks of purchase

The Hitachi dv18dgl can be used in many different ways some of these ways includes

  • Drilling of brick and the concrete block
  • both driving and removing machine screws, wood screws, tapping screws and other types of screw.
  • Drilling of different kind of metals
  • Drilling any wood.
  • The drilling tool.

When the Hitachi Tools were introduced in U.S. back in the year 1980, many people grabbed it warmly and within a short time, it had already built a good credit on its innovative framing nailers and driving compound miter saws. Today in the current market there are over 1000 models of power tools used worldwide.  One great thing that made Hitachi dv18dgl to built its reputation so fast its high durability rate the tool does not wear out quickly they are built with a strong and firm foundation of superior technology, in fact, the device is recognized for exceeding international standards.

After you have bought this tool it is important, you get the correct model number and ensure you do not forget; this will help you to ensure even the spare parts packed together with your products are correct.