Skateboard clothing

jerem-11The extreme sports like skateboarding and surfing are influencing the fashion industry now. You can now see hoodies, caps, baggy, trainers, etc. in stores that are inspired from these extreme sports. T-shirts are very common clothing items that have been here for decades. The young people now realize that they can add a few designs and print them on the T-shirts to make it stylish. There are many stores that sell skateboard clothing. You can find baju murah online also.

Jeans is another garment that is part of the skateboard fashion. The fashion of jeans has changed over the season. From straight cut legs now there are relaxed cuts and baggy jeans. Antique jeans are of very high demand now. Denims that look antique, dirty and distressed are trendy now.

The shoes you choose must be of good quality, flexible with good grip. The grip ensures that the skater is able to stand on board while performing. The soles of the shoes must be flat for comfort. Distressed and dirty look on the shoes is the trend. So, you don’t need to bother about cleaning them. You should have a hair style that looks natural and matches with your personality. You can get bowl cuts, mohawks, etc. Some skaters have brightly dyed hair in red, blue and green colors. Though they are expensive, you should try to buy clothes from skateboard brands. If you are confused about which style to follow, you can check out your favorite pro skateboarder and follow his style. Some of them even have endorsements from skateboard brands. You will often see them in their unique styles. If you find any style that you really like, you should follow that style. You will find many blogs where they give you tips on the skateboarding styles. Do your research and find one that suits you.

You should keep your clothing simple. Your clothing must not get into the way of your performance. You shouldn’t try to impress others with your style. You should focus on your performance instead. You can go for a casual look and people will like it.

As skateboarding is an extreme sport, it is very normal for your clothes to look stained, faded and ripped. So, don’t bother fixing those. This is the authentic style. Style is important in skateboarding, but landing properly after performing your trick is even more important. So, don’t think about your style too much. Focus on practicing your tricks.